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Victor Crowley is the main antagonist of the Hatchet franchise, he is known to be a Revenant being who physical but also a spiritual entity who will kill any and all who are foolish enough to come to or even near his home or the island.


Victor Crowley was conceived in an unknown time period by his mother Lena Crowley and his father Thomas Crowley where the truth goes is that Victor's mother Lena was once the nurse of Thomas very ill wife Shyann Crowley which both of them had developed, a sexual relationship and once they thought Shyann had passed away it was with her very eyes to see both of them kissing each other, a desperate plea for forgiven it was upon her death hears where she had cursed Lena Crowley and her child for their adultery, but once he was delivered by his father it was his mother who had died from childbirth where some say the lore has her dying from the sight of Crowley.

Years later, Victor Crowley is now an adult who was kept hidden from the world all his life by his loving father Thomas Crowley. But one fatal Halloween night, it was a group of boys who had decided to scare Victor out of his home by throwing firecrackers at his house, but one of the firecrackers set aflame the door and the flames engulfed the house trapping him inside. And Victor's father tried hacking down the door with a hatchet, but because Victor was pressed up against the other side of the door, Thomas had accidentally hit his own son in the head with the hatchet, instantly killing him. After this Thomas went while armed with the shotgun to each of the boys responsible but no one cared which left Victor's father in a depressing lifestyle, he didn't eat and sleep as usual people but once it was his time he had died of a broken heart only ten years later. Now Victor Crowley was resurrected and now roams the island swamp as a vengeful spirit and kills any travelers, fishers, and Lousiana natives who come to Honey Island Swamp.

The 3 young boys that banged on the car window with Victor inside in a flashback in the 1st film are the same 3 teens who caused Victor's own demise making him live in a homicidal limbo.


In the opening sequence of events with Sampson Dunston and his son Ainsley Dunston were alligator hunting in the Honey Island Swamp where Ainsley went off to release himself in the woods and returns to find his father Sampson Dunston badly torn apart at the torso, and then Victor appears as he rips apart Ainsley with his bare hands.

After a few days Marybeth Dunston with a few other random passengers from a tour, the boat had been illegally taken to the swamps by Shawn Yong which in a twist of events caused their boat to crash and sink were trying to reach land one of the passengers, Jim Permatteo was bitten by an alligator and was carried by Marcus and Shawn where Marybeth herself had expressed the legend of the swamps to them and what her true goals were as the others themselves were in disbelief of the legends behind it, as Shawn stated it was just a legend it was Mary who pointed to his home causing the others to become visible scared and with Marcus and Shawn leaving Jim behind but it was Jim's wife Janet Permatteo who called them cowards, as Crowley cries could be heard screaming "Daaaaddddy" the massive monstrous killer reveals himself and as he ran at Jim grabbing and slicing him in half with a Hatchet and as his wife Janet tried to flee the scene it was too late with Victor right behind her ripping the top of her head from her jaw to split open.

As the remaining passengers now split up from each other in all directions as a duo or triple groups.

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Victor Crowley


Victor only displayed personality is with his father, as he is mostly shown to be a Daddy's boy, but outside of this trait Crowley is a rageful killer, he has shown anger, confusion, and pain before and after his death.

As for usual killers, he is associated with the common Psychopathic and Sociopathic traits, but he also enjoys causing pain and death to his victims, giving him a more sadistic personality.


Facial/Body: Being born Victor was facially and physically deformed, he has hair surrounding his head but not on top, his chin/jawline is warped and elongated with improper cheekbones on one side even being present, his left eye is suffering from Cataract or Pallor Mortis, He has the hatchet wound accidentally planned by his father across his face.

Clothing:Victor only wears is his jean-style overalls and black boots.


  • Hatchet
  • Chainsaw
  • Belt sander
  • Shovel
  • Spear
  • Defibrillators
  • Hook
  • Wood on fire
  • Hammer

Powers and Abilities

Victor Crowley is a supernatural being which is mostly tied to being a Revenant.

  • Supernatural Strength: Being Undead Victor has his strength dramatically increased to the point he can rip-off entire limbs with ease and is capable of lifting human beings as if they were mere toys, his grip strength is especially brutal once he lays his hands on his victims, as he was capable of ripping the skin off of Reverend Zombie, and then tossing his upper torso that he previously sliced in some considerable feet away.
  • Immortality (Spiritual): Victor Crowley being a Revenant (vengeful spirit type) he is practically immortal where has been shown to be killed by Marybeth Dunston and yet be resurrected back at his home, this allows him to keep going without the need of food, water, and other such human-based essentials.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Despite his Immortality, Victor is still vulnerable to human-based weapons be it with melee weapons or firearms, capable of suffering wounds that would still kill a regular human, but yet still be capable of attacking his prey even when suffering enough damage done to his physical body.
    • Supernatural Durability/Regeneration: Crowley has had his entire body durability supernaturally enhanced due to him being an undead force of vengeance as he can be shot, stabbed, cut in half, all without taking any real damage due to the fact of him being resurrected right back at his home, fully healed as if nothing happened to him, erasing all previous damages.
  • Infinite Stamina: Victor being a spirit taken physical form, gives him access to an unlimited pool of stamina, he doesn't actually tire when chasing and hunting down his prey, and doesn't need the human basis to eat, drink, or sleep.
  • Awareness: When living on the small island swamp area for considerable years, Victor has gained unknown large spatial awareness where he can sense potential victims whereabouts as long as they are on the island, as he knew where Jack Cracker was, despite never leaving his area, or hunting down numerous fishermen.
  • Good senses: He has good heightened senses and hearing as shown in Victor Crowley when he hears a drop of sweat hit the ground and immediately turns around and throws his hatchet were the sweat hitted.


  • Kane Hodder just like with his role with Jason Voorhees has played Victor Crowley 4 times. (Friday the 13th Part 7-10 and with Hatchet 1-4) making him one of the most iconic horror actors to date.
  • The three iconic killers: Kane Hodder, Robert England, and Tony Todd all played in another movie before this known as Wish Master making this film series the 2nd and 3rd time they all were featured.
  • Victor Crowley has a body count of 64 victims in total.
  • In a Q&A on Reddit Kane Hodder answered on who would win in a fight between Jason and Victor he sided with Victor stating that Victor is unpredictable. (Note: We don't know which version of Jason is actually being referenced.)


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